What You Need To Know

Choose a webmaster you can trust
Website facelift involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a webmaster you can trust.

Choosing a Webmaster ensures that you have selected a person who:

  • Has completed at least four years of graphic design training with a minimum of two years in web design. Is trained and experienced in all web basic formats, including html, php, css, and flash.

  • Can operate both Mac and Windows systems

  • Adheres to a strict code of ethics.

  • Fulfills continuing web education, including standards and innovations in web safety.

  • A Degree in Art, Graphics, or Web Design.

Look for the Webmaster website and look for their website SEO score. It should be above 80%, you can go to AboutUs.org for rating.

What We Do

We CREATE .... we will create around your logo which will be the focal part of your website. We CREATE... forms that will send your images, music, and documents directly to your Email. We CREATE ... customized buttons, banners, logos, flash intros, flash menus, and more.

Getting Started

The Basic price for a face lift is $50 more than the regular price. We will subtract %20 of that price if your present website has 7 web pages or less. 10% if your website has 8 web pages or more.

Like all our customers a $50 deposit is required to get started on your design. If you would like a new logo we can create one for you free of charge. ( If you would like us to use your current logo, please provide us with a tiff, eps, or psd file. You can usually get these files for the company who originally designed your logo. These files will help us to give your website a better and cleaner look.) We normally send you these files after we created your logo. This will help you send the correct files to any printer is you choose to have your images printed for mass production.

Renatas Boutique Website

Renata's Boutique (Before)

Renata's Boutique (After)

Jamsource Magazine Website

JAMSOURCE Magazine (Before)

JAMSOURCE Magazine (After)

See our Website Services page to choose which package that best fits your website option, that has a detailed add-ons with each package. View the payment options which shows that you don't have to make your payment all at once. Fill out and submit the Website Form which will let use know about the color and image changes you would like to make for your website.

We are available:
Monday - Fridays 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Contact = 301-442-3633
Yahoo IM: 24 / 7 Online at ( ALPHAILLUSTRATIONS )
E-mail: info@alphaillustrations.com

Mitchell J. Dupre Sr.
Consultant / WebMaster
Alpha Illustrations