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Before you say I can't afford a website of our web master services, we have designed an affordable payment plan for our customers.

Our hosting plans are $35.40 per year with a $25 one time setup fee which equals to $60.40. The annual cost will be $35.40. There are many small businesses who purchase web hosting and not know what it is. Web hosting is divided into these areas, Domains, Web Space, and Emails. These are essential when you refer to the term "MY WEBSITE".

Domains: Domains are the most valuable part of web hosting, it identifies you, your business or an individual online. A new Domain usually cost between 10 - 15 dollars. A used Domain or one that payment has not been re-newed cost $150 or higher. You might can find a sale between 99 cents and $9 however the favorite purchases are the domains that come with the web hosting which is usually free. We offer a free domain with our web hosting plans but we recommend another option. We advise you to purchase your domain seperately. This will secure the value of your domain even if you choose not to continue your web hosting, the domain will not be cancelled with the account. Just remember to always keep your domain account updated.

Web Space: Our most popular plan is the One Plus plan $35.40 per year with a one-time setup fee of $25. It features Unlimited Bandwith, Unlimited Email, Blogging Formats, E-Store formats, Web Building tools if you choose to build your own website and more.

Email: With your hosting plan we provide umlimited email with no distracting ads. No more waiting for the ad to load to read or scroll to see your important messages. You can even Import your current contacts from other emails to your hosting account. Your email will have for viewers to see that you invested in your business.

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There is a $50 deposit for all website design packages. Half of the the balance is due once we have submitted the design layout ... this does not include website content such as text .... only graphics is considered a part of the design. The remainder of the balance is due two weeks after the website is completed which includes text content. If you need to pay the remainder of the balance in installments let us know to allow us to setup a payment plan for your budget. This installment plan does not include non-profit organizations because of their discount. All designs are contract based and will be served after the design stage of the website is completed.

Our web master payment plans are designed to help you save money and get more for the money you save. We offer two types of payments. 1. The Random Payment Plan, 2. the Web Master Payment Plan.

Random Plan
The cost for a Graphic Designer or Web Master usually charges $45.00 an hour for website design or management. We do not charge you hourly but a flat rate. We charge $35.00 for each web page design or redesign on your web site. If you want to add videos, music other than the original job related to your page design, there is a fee for the addition which may cost more than the original order which will depend on the content and time it takes to format your added feature.

This plan are for users who do not have to make changes to their website. If you choose this method and your website changes often such as an entertainment website, you may be paying more than those who uses our Web Master Payment Plan. Please expect changes to be made no less than 5 business days. Because you are not a constant client, your request will not be taken over those who are under contract. (Web Master Agreement Contract)

Web Master Payment Plan:
If your website changes often or you need business cards designed, flyers, new Blogs or sub-domain for new sites added plus managed, this is the plan for you. We provided a full time website management and networking plus free sign-ups with business networking sites. If you need Eblast to announce what's going on in your business to your clients and friends by way of e-mail, we design this great networking tool to enhance your business, all for $200 monthly. Unlike the random plan you will be serviced first which allow your business to not loose ground.

There is a contract you must sign for this service to protect both parties. If the contract offer will be sent to you once your website design has been completed. We offer a break down of payments for this plan;

$200 monthly
$100 biweekly
$50 weekly

There are more details to this plan which will allow you to sign up for the whole year at a lower cost.

We will send you the Web Master Agreement Contract once the design for your website is completed. It does not mean that you have to sign the contract. But you will be considered under the random plan until the contract is signed.

New Clients:
If you are not a current client and would like Alpha Illustrations to manage your website, we will send you a complete Web Master Management Plan for you to view. The same apply to what we offer however we do not manage social networks or blog sites. We only manage websites that are HTML based, which means no CSS, PHP, Flash or DHTML are included in this plan.

If you want Flash or DHTML to be added to your website we are able to help you with enhancing your website. We do design our own CSS, PHP, Flash and DHTML based websites and if you would like us to redesign your site, the same offer applies.

There is a $50 fee for the Web Master Management Plan for those who websites we did not design. The plan comes with a list of all our Web Master Services plus the web address where you view and submit the contract. If you would like more information contact us at

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